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The 2024 application cycle is now open.  Applications will be accepted through January 19, 2024.

Application FAQ (Click to expand)

HLSF Scholarship Application 2023-2024 – FAQs

Connection to Illinois
Q: I don’t understand the question about my connection to Illinois. Please explain.
A: Please describe your status as someone who lives, has lived, or plans to live in Illinois. For example, tell us:

  • Are you a native Illinoisan?
  • How many years have you lived in Illinois?
  • Did you move here to attend school?
  • Do you have a spouse or other family in Illinois?
  • Do you own real estate located in Illinois?
  • Are you employed in Illinois/seeking employment in Illinois post-graduation?

Hispanic/Latino Ancestry
Q: What should I write to describe my ancestry?
A: Tell us about you and your family. For example, tell us:

  • What are your maternal and paternal families’ country(ies) of origin (prior to coming to the U.S.)?
  • If you are a citizen of the U.S., are you first generation?
  • Tell us how you choose to identify your ancestry.

Finance Portion
Q: What information should be included in the Finance portion of the application?
A: Please be as specific as possible and provide specific dollar amounts for each question. If the answer is “zero” or “none”, then write “0.00” in the space provided.

For costs, include all costs associated with your education, including the full cost of tuition (regardless of whether you are getting any scholarships, grants, or waivers, see below), costs of books and other supplies, and school fees or other costs. Feel free to use the Description box to elaborate on your other fees and costs.

For sources of payment, include all dollar amounts that are/were given to you and/or to your school on your behalf to finance your law school education and identify any sources of payment, including your personal contributions (from savings and current employment), spousal and/or family contributions, scholarships/grants, loans, and any tuition waivers you have received, as well as any other source not previously mentioned. Feel free to use the Description box to elaborate on your other sources.

Community Service
Q: What should I write about my community service?
A: Include any community service activity(ies) you have done or continue to do and tell us what community benefited from that service. Do not feel compelled to limit your response to activities formally labeled “community service”.

Background Statement
Q: How long should my background statement be?
A: A minimum of 1 page/maximum of 2 pages, double spaced.

Q: What should I write about in my background statement?
A: Describe the person you are today and who you hope to be in the future. Tell us about an experience(s) you have had that have shaped the person you have become and/or hope to become. Elaborate on any community service activity(ies) that have shaped your background or inspired your future service in the law.

Hispanic Lawyers Scholarship Fund of Illinois

The information requested in this application is for the sole purpose of assisting HLSF in the evaluation of applicants. Your information will be kept strictly confidential and will be disseminated only to the HLSF Board. All questions must be answered fully, and incomplete applications will not be considered by HLSF. By submitting this application, you consent to verification by HLSF of the information furnished herein. To be eligible for a scholarship you must: (1) Be currently enrolled in an ABA accredited law school; (2) Submit a personal statement; (3) Submit a law school transcript; (4) Submit your financial award letter for the 2023-2024 academic year; (5) Submit a current resume; and (6) If awarded a scholarship, be available to accept the award at the HLSF scholarship reception in April 2024. *Scholarship awards are generally $5,000 but amounts may vary depending on available funding. *1L Applicants may not have a transcript prior to the application deadline. 1L applicants should submit their application and supplement the application with a transcript immediately upon receiving first semester grades, but no later than January 25, 2023. In the event your school will not make grades available prior to January 19, 2024, please email after you have submitted an application. *Students selected for an interview should plan to be available either the weekend of February 10-11 or February 17-18, 2024.

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